Door, Direction or Distraction?

Writing is easier in the company of a creative friend that understands a blank laptop screen, painful editing, and trying to find fresh angles to a topic. I regularly meet a friend at a local café. We chat a bit, work on our independent projects, and enjoy espresso living. Ah, the smell and taste of freshly brewed coffee. On one

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Changed by Life’s Storms

It’s easy to be thankful for growth and prosperity, but blessings come in different ways. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to add hardships to our gratitude list? Wait! What…hardships? Don’t we want to forget the drama? Without a doubt, we don’t want to experience hard times, but wouldn’t you agree, that’s when we often gain a deeper understanding of God’s love.

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Too Old for Spiritual Tantrums

My granddaughter, Audrey, is a toddler. None of us expected this adorable blue-eyed angel to be such a strong-willed, independent, fearless tomboy. It’s all hands on deck to raise this mobile bundle of spunk. When tots resist adults and refuse to obey, the defiance is often called, The Terrible Twos. Audrey’s toddler ways, however, taught me a sobering spiritual truth.

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The Natural-Supernatural Power of God

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m a Christian, but I’m not a fanatic!” I’ve heard that statement, and I’ve also made the statement. When I was a new believer, Holy Ghost manifestations were downright scary. Thirty years ago, a variety of spiritual expressions were publicized, criticized, and unfortunately categorized as weird. Let’s tackle the “elephant in the room” and

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Fall Back into Spiritual Habits

Have you ever said, “I just don’t have enough time to get everything done!” What if we had an extra hour to realign our daily practices? Perhaps we could fall back into spiritual habits? What would you do with an extra hour? Once a year, we have a chance to enjoy an extra hour of sleep, or perhaps, invest that

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Bold Faith for the Adam or Eve in Your Life

From the moment children come home from the hospital, until they leave home for college, parents offer love, instruction, and guidance to raise healthy individuals. In the end, you hope they will transfer their parental trust to a loving God that will direct them throughout their adult years. But when they don’t, fear not, God is still big enough to

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