God is in the More

When my twenty-five-year-old son drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for an overdue visit, I was ecstatic. In our family, he’s the professional photographer and the aspiring filmmaker. We love to chat about artsy projects. The weekend visit was too short, but I had one last chance to “mother” him before he left. “Would you like a snack for the

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Ask the Right Questions

I interviewed for an online event that offers free training for writers and speakers. Interviews are exciting, but they can be intimidating. You never know if a question will leave you speechless; yet, questions are helpful. They provide clarity and offer information. Questions can provoke new thoughts. Questions help us develop the gift of speech.   ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS

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Are We Speaking the Same Language?

“Nana, sit down! You play with me?” When a three-year-old asks you to join the Anna, Elsa, and Olaf plush community, can anyone refuse? If you’re sick of Frozen, “Let it go!” Kids are still captivated by the music and funny antics of one loveable, sun-seeking snowman, Olaf. I stood and listened to Audrey’s toddler vocabulary, it was choppy (no

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God Always Tells a Better Story

What’s your favorite movie? Is it a great swashbuckling adventure? A hero’s journey? Perhaps, you enjoy a sappy love story that coincidently triggers a sudden hay fever attack leaving your eyes red and tearful. I love them. Sappy love stories are my favorite; pass me the popcorn and the Kleenex. I enjoy almost any genre, except scary movies. When I

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How to Heal From Brokenness

She fled knowing her life was unraveling. All that was left was a frayed thread of existence. Desperate, thirsty and alone, she kept running. Hagar, Sarai’s Egyptian maidservant, ran until she collapsed by a spring in the wilderness.   Tension in the House As I read the passage in Genesis 16:6-16, I imagined the scene. Sarai gave her maidservant, Hagar,

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Hope During Transitions

Do you love a warm pastry with a yummy filling? You take a bite and the baked exterior breaks apart and reveals the creamy middle. My personal favorite is a chocolate Éclair with custard filling. The pastry is delicious, but the custard in-between makes my pallet savor every bite. Bear with me, I promise this is not an attempt to

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