The 7 Secrets of Fear

There are times when this short, middle-aged woman puts on her spiritual army boots and contends for the faith. No, I’m not in a “people” battle. I love people. I’m in a war against fear. In Las Vegas, I love doing volunteer work. Let’s just say there are many broken people in this city. The tourists come and go, but

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The Day That Changed History

We remember the greatest gift of love.   Jesus, on this day I ponder your affection, how You suffered and faced humanity’s rejection. Through hours of agony, you endured for love, so we could have a place in heaven above.   Jesus, on this day I ponder your affection, Your heart stopped beating without objection. This plan to save us

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God’s Plan to Expand Your Life

I’ve never grown a (successful) vegetable garden, but I do have a green thumb with annual flowers. When the season is right, I head to the garden store and buy a little pouch of seeds. With eagerness and a bit of spring fever, I ignore the instructions and plant more seeds than needed. By midsummer, my poor little flowers fight

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Created to Flourish

Most of my life, I’ve lived near beautiful palm trees. I grew up in California, and I currently live in Nevada. The hot Nevada desert is scenically dry and barren, but palm trees live in denial of the intense heat or seasonal changes. During heavy rains, winds, or drought, palms trees stand upright while they wait for better days with

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The Promise to Thrive

Have you ever had mixed feelings about money? To be honest, listening to sermons about giving used to be tiresome. I wanted to give but often had limited resources. Churches routinely offered Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University as a Bible study option. I guess I wasn’t alone. Money, however, is still the elephant in the room. Many people believe in faithful

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Words Matter

When I was a little girl, I loved to hear Dad share his Amazon adventures. He was part of an oil-prospecting team in the 1940’s. The oil company sent men to live among hostile headhunters for six-months—Dad stayed for two years. “It was beautiful,” he began. “I saw a black orchid—magnificent. The Boa snakes, Piranhas, and Malaria, made the adventure

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