How to Recover from Burnout

Have you ever had a car stall?  Or maybe a tire blow out? Putt, putt, putt, and then dead stop. As a youth, I drove many relics. I experienced the pain of having an overheated engine, dead battery or running out of gas.  You feel vulnerable, inconvenienced, and stupid at times (gas issues are preventable).  In the same manner, our

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How Human Needs Lead to Success or Failure

Do we understand human behavior? Perhaps a better question is, “Do we understand our behavior?” We have six basic human needs, but we can’t meet them adequately without self-awareness. Without honest reflection, we won’t manage our emotions, find fulfillment, or reach our God-given potential. Yes, we are unique, but we share inner drivers that help us thrive or fail.  

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Strength During Trials and Tragedy

The Message of Strength and Resilience Amid Tragedy Continues We held on to faith as we faced a global pandemic, unstable economy, and social distancing. Then, another tragedy. A brutal murder was broadcast over social media and the news. What happened over Memorial Day weekend left our nation in shock and socially divided. My eighty-five-year-old mother was horrified. I was

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How to Have Hard Conversations During Stressful Times

Have you ever had one of those tough and complicated days? You get an email from someone, and it’s full of stress. Major stress. Someone’s not happy. The tension gets transferred to you with each sentence you read. When it’s a relative, you can’t ignore them, but you secretly dread opening another email or text. Then you feel guilty. If

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Rebranding Wasn’t Easy, But I Had a Virtual Hero

Paid ministry comes and goes. After decades of ministry work, I didn’t want to return to a traditional corporate job. I had a firm belief that work shouldn’t compromise your health, values, or dreams. But dreams are lost in today’s overwhelmed 9 to 5 culture. Did you know I used to sell physical products–botanically-based cosmetics. I loved the products, but

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Resilience Today for a Better Tomorrow

We prepare for school, sports, college, career, marriage, parenting, vacations, and retirement, but we don’t prepare for those uphill seasons. When challenges come, we struggle to find hope and remain resilient. Can Anyone Become Resilient? People believe that resilience is an innate trait, yet it’s a learned skill. This article is a mix of curated research and my journey with

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