A Little is Enough for God

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A Little is Enough

A Little Goes a Long Way

We may think our little contributions or random acts of kindness aren’t enough to impress God.  After all, when you think about the great men and women of the Bible, it’s hard to include yourself in the “faith” hall of fame.

Even words uttered in prayer may momentarily seem static when fleeting thoughts scream, all I can do is pray! 

We are a results-oriented culture, and we often overlook what God never overlooks–a tender heart towards Him. A little is enough for God because grace doesn’t see the lack; it sees the heart. 

Obedience pleases God; it’s the result of hearing, believing, and acting on His Word. That’s why our little goes a long way to impact the Kingdom of God because God will bless and multiply our gifts. Here are a few examples: 


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David and Goliath – 1 Samuel 17: 45-50

Remember the story of David and Goliath? A boy with a little stone defeated Goliath and proved that Israel’s God was true and faithful.

Faith of a Mustard Seed – Matthew 17:20

It’s not the quantity of faith, but the presence of faith that pleases God. If God has given you a specific promise, He will help you overcome the mountain in your life.

 Kingdom of God – Mark 4:1-20

The Kingdom of God is compared to a little seed. When it falls on fertile soil, the seed produces abundance.

 Jesus Feeds 5000 – John 6:1-14

A boy’s little lunch was enough to feed a multitude. God can exceed our greatest imagination.  


Little Things to Avoid

Don’t underestimate the power of a “little” because God increases our “little” to show His “big” love.   

Don’t measure or compare obedience. We can fall into the performance trap when we fail to realize obedience is enough. Obedience is love in its most beautiful form.


Look for Little Assignments

Look for opportunities or “little” assignments along the way. God is always working and waiting for someone to say, “Here I am.”

Remain faithful in the little, and you never know, it may explode into a glorious God-size, awesome miracle.


Take a Little Step

This week, pray and ask God to open opportunities to share a little time, a little help or a little understanding with someone.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Marisa Shadrick

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  1. Thank you ma’am for your insight! It was an inspiration to me starting with a little church and wanting it to grow and be successful! God bless and continued success.

    Pastor CJ Williams

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