5 Ways to Tap into Your Creativity-Even When You’re Busy

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We are all creative, but we need a plan.

Most of us want to be creative, but there’s one BIG problem that makes it extremely difficult. We don’t have time to stimulate the right hemisphere of our brain, where creativity and imagination live. Yes, it’s a brain thing.

Unfortunately, producing heart-felt creative work isn’t like the magical goose that produced golden eggs–every time.

This question came up from a person in our community after he read: Daily Resilience and How It’s Part of Your Story

When you ask, I’ll do my best to answer!

Here are the five ways you can become more creative.

1. Morning quiet time to reflect and journal.

2. Audio record those daily life stories that you can use later as a metaphor to support a point.

3. Find a special place where you can be creative and listen to music that will stimulate right-brain activity.

4. Plan quarterly mini-retreats, and stay at a local hotel for one or two nights to brainstorm and plan your next quarter.

5. Take care of yourself and stay healthy. Get enough sleep and increase physical activity-you’ll have more energy.


5 Ways to Tap into Your Creativity
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Stay Resilient!




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