5 Reasons Interruptions Are Blessed Opportunities

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Empty vintage foyer with green open door - renderingI faced a deadline when suddenly my daughter phoned. The baby had a fever of 102.6 degrees. While I was on the phone, my son sent a text message. In the background, my husband was asking if I could transfer money into his business account. My day seemed like one big interruption, and the clock kept ticking.

Frustration overcame me even though my family’s needs were valid. I also felt guilty for feeling frustrated. I decided to click my Bible software and look up the word “interruption” for Godly perspective. My electronic Bible simply responded, “There were no results for this search.” No results for the word interruption?

I checked a favored source, Blue Letter Bible. Here’s what I found. Out of eighteen translations, the word “interruption” appeared once in the New King James Version, Lam 3:49. (It figures it would be in Lamentations.)

The lack of references put everything into perspective. Who was I to say that my unexpected events were interruptions? After all, I was living God’s Spirit-led plan, right? I wanted God to lead me through circumstances He saw fit, but that’s not how I acted.  

I felt God had given me a huge helping of His favorite dessert—humble pie. I recovered from my lament, but the experience was worthwhile. It reminded me whose plan I need to follow. (Not easy for a chart-and-checklist kind of gal.)

When I face daily interruptions, I don’t ask God to help me with my plans, but rather I ask Him to help me affirm His plans. (Click to Tweet) This quote sums it up nicely:

“Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks.” 

Phillips Books

God is God, and His plans prevail. God knows how to guide my steps. He orchestrates everything for a greater purpose. Earthly interruptions are heavenly opportunities. (Click to Tweet)

Remembering to consider interruptions as an opportunity isn’t easy, but I jotted-down five motivating reminders. Here are 5 reasons interruptions are blessed opportunities.  

1. Abide in grace

2. Die to self-gratification

3. Encourage Others

4. Partner in Kingdom work

5. Trust God wholeheartedly

Every time I’m interrupted, I think of one blessing and move to victory.

Have a blessed weekend.

Marisa Shadrick

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