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3 Rookies Mistake to Avoid When Launching a Business

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There’s a myriad of business books, courses, and resources.

Most entrepreneurs decide on a business model, create their first offer, and start marketing their product waiting for revenue to flow.

Although I love books and I’ve invested in many online and offline courses, I value moments when I hear more than theory.

I love to hear the hard stories that ultimately reward successful people with wisdom and resilience.

Being in business isn’t easy, and when we get stuck, we’re overwhelmed with a sense of failure.

If you’re feeling stuck, don’t quit.

You CAN begin again–even if you’ve missed an essential part of your business sequence.

It’s the sequence that distills an idea, prepares it for the right market, and leads you to your sweet spot.

If you’re thinking of starting a business, or your business has drifted into stagnation, then you’ll enjoy this video.

My friend, Leslie Nafus, a Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter and Business Coach shared three valuable tips for entrepreneurs.

Listen and avoid unnecessary stress, expense, and wasted time.

It’s not too late to find clarity and begin again.


Leslie Nafus International, Copywriter, and Business Coach


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