3 Reasons to Join Me at Platform University

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As a writer and speaker, my hope is to encourage individuals to live their ministry potential and find fulfillment knowing they’re making a difference. I knew I had to maximize the Internet, but I didn’t know where to begin—until I discovered Platform University.

Let me share a few words about a program that offers professional integrity, game-changing content, and community engagement—month after month.

Here are 3 reasons to join me at Platform University.


A membership program needs to be reliable and genuine. Nothing is more exhausting than worry and doubt; it drains energy. But where trust thrives, energy streamlines positive changes.

The Platform University team serves their students with stellar recommendations, and they continuously create cutting-edge content. You can engage with confidence and benefit from their combined experience and tested strategies.


Sometimes educational content can seem unrealistic, or simply boring. Nothing is more frustrating than wading through an ocean of convoluted material. People want succinct information that’s relevant without the fluff, and that offers clear, actionable steps.

Platform University’s content is easy to consume and organized in a topical format. Its array of meaty content is comprehensive and doable. Platform University will also show you how to maximize valuable online resources. I love its convenient format, and I can access the membership site from any portable device.


It’s hard to stay motivated when you’re frustrated with your results or when you hit a wall. Here’s the good news; you don’t have to travel this online jungle alone.

Platform University students are supportive. You can share your frustrations and your victories. Our forum provides an exclusive virtual classroom where like-minded people encourage and help one another.

I found three special people on the forum: Julie Sunne, Derek Ouellette, and Dale Callahan. We meet regularly to take a deeper look at class content and brainstorm strategies.


As Michael Hyatt often says, “Go to the next level.” I wholeheartedly recommend going to http://platformuniversity.com, today. Public enrollment will close on Thursday, April 23rd, so give yourself an invaluable tool for future success.

See you at the Platform University Forum.

Marisa Shadrick

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4 Responses

  1. Hi Marisa! I have the Get Noticed! theme for my website. I am wondering if you know the best place on Platform University to start to get wisdom on how to build the site for maximum potential. I just joined PU yesterday. Your site looks great! 🙂

    1. Hi, Dana. So sorry for the delay. I’ve been competing in a speech competition, and it’s been an all consuming week. In answer to your question. I think you should check out the member makeovers. (Type member makeover in the search box.) Most individuals make the same mistakes on their sites. Michael also offers tips, tools, etc. You’ll gain helpful insights from Michael and Megan. I learned so much by viewing the process.

  2. It says platform university is now open for enrollment but the links only take you to the “FREE VIDEOS”. Do you have any links to enroll?

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