15 Affordable Gift Ideas

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Have you ever been afraid to regift? Are you worried about what others might think?

Unfortunately, the word regifter has a negative connotation. You may think of the traveling holiday fruitcake that Aunt Betty gave Milly and somehow made its way back to Aunt Betty.

Perhaps you recall the unwanted raffle prize that ended up as a white elephant gift at the office party.

Of course, television gave the word “regifter” a bad rap in the Seinfeld episode, The Label Maker. (I have to admit it’s funny.)

Frankly, I don’t think regifting is cheap or thoughtless. In fact, I believe it’s selfless and considerate. It doesn’t matter whether the gift is new or pre-owned when it comes from the heart.


Regifter Has New Meaning

You won’t find this in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, but here’s a redeemed definition to consider.

A regifter is someone who gives up ownership of something to “gift” a selfless offering. Does that sound familiar?

“For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.”

John 3:16 New Living Translation

God the Father gave his greatest personal treasure for us. A gift that we remember every year at Christmas, Jesus Christ.


It’s Okay to Be a Regifter

Let’s redeem the word regifter, and allow its intent to be an expression of love and generosity. Ponder your skills, talents, and good fortune. (Don’t discount anything.) What you may consider a low-value contribution could be a high-value blessing for someone else. Whether it’s small or large, simple or grand, gift something you own. The possibilities are endless! (Click for ideas.)



Do you have an excellent imagination? Help someone brainstorm ideas to uncover a brilliant solution for work, special occasion, or personal goal. Who could you encourage with fresh ideas, and regift your creative gifts?


Your wisdom may lead you to mentor someone or provide an answer to a problem. What do you know, and how could you regift your knowledge?


Everyone has skills, but not everyone has the same skills. Show someone the step-by-step process to create, operate, or repair something important, and help make someone’s life easier. What do you do well, and how could you regift your skills?


Volunteer work is a classic example of regifting. Organizations need a variety of seasonal, monthly, and weekly help. Which organizations do you favor, and how could you regift your services?


If you’re retired, or you have time flexibility, perhaps you can offer someone your friendship. Could you provide occasional transportation, childcare, or run an errand for them. If you have a little extra time, how could you regift your time?


15 Affordable Gift Ideas

Homemade gifts are awesome, too. If you’re creative, have a few skills, and a little time, combine these intangible gifts and make a tangible gift. Although I’m not blessed with crafty genes, Pinterest provides ideas for crafty individuals.

Do you see the value of regifting? It’s personal, thoughtful, and generous when it comes from the heart.


Marisa Shadrick

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