“Your creative work can become your most significant contribution.”

Made for More!

Produce the creative work you were meant to share! 

I believe it’s time to redeem our talents, skills, and creativity. It’s time to unleash your potential and unique message. You can cultivate your strengths, connect with your purpose, create rewarding work, that will better the lives of others.

Amid fear and resistance, I help others find clarity around their unique niche. I love to fan into flame the smoldering embers of suppressed dreams until they ignite into creative momentum. My site, the Resilient Creator, was launched to help others leverage their gifts, expand their reach, and make a difference.

“Be a resilient creator because you were made for more!”

Turn Creativity into Revenue

Today’s ideas can become tomorrow’s reality!

Are you a struggling content creator? Perhaps, you have unfinished projects, an unclear message or you doubt you got what it takes to create something epic. I get it.

I’ve been a blogger for five years, and I couldn’t seem to scale my passion in a way that would generate income. 

I finally had an epiphany, and I’m ready to release my free training and share what I’ve learned.

This training is perfect if you’re stuck in the startup phase of your creative journey. It’s absolutely FREE, and you’ll also receive weekly content that will nurture your creativity! Produce the creative work you were meant to share. Click below. 

What You’ll Learn

  • Why Consider Online Revenue Options
  • What We Can Learn From a Changing Culture
  • How to Know if You’re Ready to Go Virtual
  • Discover Your Niche 
  • How to Develop a Routine to Produce Your Best Work
  • How to Silence Self-Imposed Limitations
  • The Tools of The Trade
  • Why Most People Fail as a Soloprenuer 

“A struggle means you’re not defeated.”

Marisa Shadrick

Let's Connect

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Hey, there! I’m Marisa Shadrick, a faith-based published writer, blogger, award-winning speaker, and online business entrepreneur. If you need content strategy tips, productivity advice, and motivational insights, Welcome home! You are not alone. 

In addition to providing free content for resilient creators, I’m also a Ray Edward’s Certified Copywriter successfully completing Ray Edwards’ Copywriting Academy Coaching Program. Yep, that’s an affiliate link. Got questions, let’s chat. Feel free to Contact Me